Return of Investment with Vehicle Advertising

Nothing can compete with the return of investment (ROI) of vehicle advertising. Marketing that is installed on the company; trucks, cars, vans, and more can generate interest in your brand. Company owners have noticed the strength of mobile advertising. Vehicle graphics have the capability to reach more customers in a broader area at a much lower cost.

tru-shine-vehicle-advertisingVinyl Graphics installed on your truck with your business name and contact information can generate an incredible amount of visual impressions. Distances traveled by Americans are over 25 miles a day on average and allows your mobile ad to be seen by many. A well-designed logo and wrap on your vehicle will increase brand recognition substantially.

There is no limit to what profile your vehicle wrap can include. Usually, we schedule a consultation to figure out your end goals of your wrap. Are you promoting a product or service? What is the goal of the wrap? This allows us to get familiar with your business and we move to design. After the design process is completed, we push it to production. AZRagIPS uses the latest technologies in printing and vinyl to ensure the return of investment is achieved. Top shelf materials are used and our certified installers pay special attention to detail to ensure your product lasts.

Once install is completed all you have to do is drive your vehicle and let our work do the talking. Billboard installation and print cost 12,000 initially and 3-4,000 per month after that, for a six-month campaign this can run over $36,000 in total cost*. A vehicle wrap can average $2,500 to $6,000 per install depending vehicle size and shape. Another point to remember is that our wraps last 3 plus years when you compare that to a 6-month billboard campaign that’s a HUGE difference in time and over value.

We offer mobile installs where we come out to your business if necessary to install your wrap. If you are located in Knoxville this makes it very convenient, as you will have a much shorter downtime on a business critical vehicle. We also offer our show series color change vehicle wrap package, for more information on that process click here.

(*Alternative advertising cost vary depending on location)

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