European Auto Garage Door Decals


AZRag is your source for door decals in Knoxville. Door decals for your business are is an important piece of information to have. AZ Rag can get your logo or brand plotted in vinyl for your front door so that customers are able to know your hours of operation at a glance. We take care to use clear fonts and contrasting colors that are easily readable at a distance.

Window Decals - EAG

Door Decals Knoxville

Our decals are printed using high quality, color fast materials that will stay put for 3-5

years. We recently installed these decals for European Auto Garage‘s new building located off Lovell road.

EAG is home to Knoxville’s original cars and coffee, we wanted to make sure their brand was carried across consistently throughout the building. Their next event will be the first Saturday of September so be sure to drop by and check it out!

EAG - European Auto Garage Lovell Road Knoxville Door Decals

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Moe’s Original BBQ

Catering Van Wraps are an important asset in bringing attention to you food service vehicle. We specialize in food truck & catering vehicles, bringing outstanding attention to your award winning food in a competitive industry.

Moe’s Original BBQ reached out to us to have their new catering van vinyl wrapped. As most business owners know having a quick turn around on a key vehicle of their fleet is very important. We delivered. Their Nissan NV features a full wrap that is full color printed using 3M materials with a gloss over laminate.

Moe's Original BBQ - Before Moe’s Van was delivered to us cleaned up and ready to go with excellent paint. Newer commercial vehicles such as the Nissan NV series are designed well for both business utility and have a large amount of space for displaying your product. Moe’s wanted an eye catching design to bring attention to the mouth watering bbq they sell at their location. They also cater, so while they are driving around town they want to gain impressions of their incredible food.



Here is the finished product after the wrap was applied:

16508096_581244218738430_7649162810146398382_n 16711910_581244202071765_3212227923641517990_n 16730556_581244228738429_1662723225877445722_n


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ScottieDTV Mustang Finished Product

A look into the finished product that we produced for ScottieDTV’s Ford Mustang. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Ford Mustang Wrap Knoxville ScottieDTV

Scottie’s wrap features a matte laminate printed on 3m vinyl. With a fully custom design done by our in house graphic artist Louie. There are tons of neat easter eggs hidden in the wrap, see if you can spot any of them. Removal of his old wrap was done by us.

Contact us today if you are looking for a custom wrap for your hot rod or performance vehicle.

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Finishing Touch Ford Excursion Vehicle Wrap

Finishing Touch Detailing & Paint Correction came to us to wrap their monster Ford Excursion. It features a partial wrap, printed and laminated with gloss Avery film. Design was done in house by Louie. The Excursion features a white, blue, and black finish and the material was laid from the front door back leaving the front fenders the factory white paint. This can help with the cost on such a large vehicle, especially for a small business minded budget.



Since the Ford featured large D-Pillar windows that are close to the size of a 4’x8′ sheet of plywood we carried the design into the rear side windows for a powerful effect. They were wrapped in the same material that was used on the metal panels as well and trimmed to finish.

Finishing-Touch-Paint-Correction-Graphics  Truck-Wrap-Vinyl-knoxville-excursion

If you are wanting to achieve a similar look for your truck, SUV, wake boat, jet ski, or any other vehicle contact us. We use superior products and guarantee our installs to 100% customer satisfaction. We specialize in vinyl wraps of all shapes and sizes. Call us today @ (865) 291-8653 for any questions!  Thanks again to David with Finishing Touch Detailing and Paint Correction for letting us make his rig even cooler.

ScottieDTV Mustang Wrap Install Part 1

Ever wonder what is involved in removing a wrap? Here you go! A few months ago ScottieD asked us to design and install his new wrap for his Ford Mustang. But first we had to get rid of the old one. At AZRag we can remove old wraps so that we can install a new fresh design. Maybe you bought a used van and want a new wrap installed? Or perhaps you changed names on your business? We can help you with removal and re-install.

Here’s a little tease of the final product:


ScottieDTV’s Ford Mustang with New Wrap

Contact us today for more information! We’ll have a video of the install process soon. I hear it’s ScottieD’s 7th birthday on youtube and he has something lined up for the  of the new Mustang wrap. Check out ScottieDTV too, tons of local Knoxville Hot Rod & Automotive content.

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1998 Civic Wrap Install

This Honda Civic completed by AZRagIPS features a 3M Dark Satin Grey wrap. The wrap features a color change which includes all exterior panels. Extra detail was added by removing all the trim on the car as well as the headlights and tail lights. This allows for a premium look that rivals a paint job. After the main panels were wrapped the side trim was installed separately. After all vinyl was installed all trim and panels were bolted back in place.

Honda Civic 3 - Dark Satin Grey Wrap

Honda Civic - Dark Satin Grey Wrap

Honda Civic 2 - Dark Satin Grey Wrap

Are you looking for similar look for your hotrod, exotic, show car or daily driver? We have you covered. We offer several installation packages with our color change wraps that can include door jambs.

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Contact us to get a similar look to this Honda Civic. You can see this car around Knoxville at various Cars and Coffee events to get a look into the quality we offer on all of our installs.